Promo Products Help Firm Expand

When Cargotec, a cargo handling solutions provider, wanted to expand its business into Latin America, they turned to their promotional products distributor to help them focus on prospecting and targeting more business below the border. The target audience was high-level management for corporate distributions and operations companies in Argentina, Brazil and Chili, specifically the automotive, steel, paper and beverage industries.

The objective of the campaign was to reach out to prospects who were not currently using the tractors for distribution, introduce the terminal tractor and add prospects to a sales funnel for the company’s sales reps to follow up with. Since this particular type of tractor is the Mercedes Benz of heavy lifting machinery, prospects had to be shown how much time and money the tractor would save them. The motto became, “Time is money – make the most of yours,” and they utilized an existing time-lapse video to compare it to the competition.

A custom USB in the shape of the terminal tractor was created. When the recipient plugged in the flash drive, they were taken to a custom landing page and shown the time-lapse video. Registered viewers were then entered for a chance to win a Swiss Army watch, and the website was able to collect the data that the sales team needed to follow up.

The USB was packaged in a U-line box with custom stickers to display the client’s messaging and branding. Over 130 mailings were sent to key contacts in Latin America via FedEx International. During the time of the program there were 253 unique page views and 97% of the traffic came as a direct result of the campaign with only 15.85% bounce rate (average bounce rate is 40%-50%). A translator and a webpage designer that had an international lawyer were consulted to insure accuracy and efficiency.

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