Promo Products Spice Up Agency's Anniversary

Hollywood’s first Hispanic marketing agency celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, and with it, a huge sense of accomplishment, having grown from a one-man show to the leading agency for marketing Hollywood entertainment to U.S. Latinos.

Santiago Pozo, CEO and founder, believed in the power of marketing to Latinos, and used this vision to create the company. “Marketing specifically to Latinos is very important these days,” says Ana Matonte, publicity manager at Arenas. “If you’re not focusing on them directly, you at least need to include them in your thought process ofhow to run a campaign. Furthermore, if you’re not giving anything out in the way of promotional items or collateral, you’re really missing out on a lot of potential consumers.”

Hollywood has embraced the Latino market, which makes up 17% of the U.S. population but accounts for an impressive 25% of all movie tickets sold. Arenas Entertainment has been able to increase this average on film releases such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Apocalypto and Empire.

For many film releases, the agency works with the studio to determine the best promotional items for each campaign and has used a multitude of imprinted specialties such as tote bags, T-shirts and key chains. “You can’t go wrong with commodity items like thisbecause in the end, it’s free for the end-user,” says Matonte. “I think giveaways are the best way to engage consumers; you have to execute it the right way and that means being organized on all other channels,” she says.

Arenas Marketing, located in Los Angeles and Madrid, Spain, specializes in publicity, promotions, media, creative services as well as film production and distribution. With all its success, Arenas has used its 25th birthday to thank clients for their business. “We are planning a celebration for the end of the year. Right now, we’re creating goodie bags for our clients that have our Arenas logo and the 25th Anniversary logo on them,” says Matonte. “We’ve given current clients tote bags and some other items to say ‘thank you,’ and we always do our Christmas card campaign, so it’s just something tangible that they can enjoy.”

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